About Us

Vein problems are more than skin deep.

They not only effect your appearance, but they also affect your health. Your veins perform an essential function by returning deoxygenated blood from throughout your body back to the heart.

As we age our veins thicken and stiffen, which often leads to venous insufficiency and varicose veins. Over time these bulging, enlarged veins cause circulation problems by making it difficult for blood to return to the lungs and pick up oxygen, again.

The Vein Specialists of Carolina Vascular comprise the largest vascular practice in western N.C. Since 2005, this team of board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians has introduced technology and pioneered new treatment methods to thousands of patients throughout the region.

Today The Vein Specialists provide the full spectrum of treatments from the complex to the simple and the cosmetic to the life-saving using laser therapy and other revolutionary treatment options. For patients, this means restoring legs to health, functionality and beauty with a variety of minimally-invasive options.

What can you expect?

After a professional evaluation, your doctor will provide you with detailed descriptions of the treatment options available to you. Thanks to minimally-invasive techniques, you will be able to walk out of the clinic after your procedure.

The Vein Specialists of Carolina Vascular | Restoring Leg Health and Beauty Since 2005