Varicose veins. There is more to them than meets the eye.

They’re unsightly, they can be painful and they can signal more serious medical conditions.

Addressing varicose vein problems sooner rather than later isn’t just a matter of appearance. It can help avoid future health problems and circulatory complications. For people with diabetes, whose circulation to their legs, feet and toes is already compromised, diagnosing and treating varicose veins is critically important.

Fortunately, if you suffer from varicose veins or spider veins, help is just a phone call away at The Vein Specialists of Carolina Vascular. Since 2005, these board-certified, fellowship-trained vascular physicians have helped thousands of Western North Carolinians achieve better leg health and beauty.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Veins – Live on Facebook

??Join us LIVE to learn how to say goodbye to unwanted veins and say hello to pain-free and better-looking legs.
??‍⚕️Our fellowship-trained vascular surgeon, Andy P. Brown, MD, an interventional radiologist with The Vein Specialists of Carolina Vascular, will be here LIVE on Facebook to answer your questions about available vein treatments. ??

Posted by Mission Health on Wednesday, January 23, 2019